Signing Of Public Act 341

Governor Snyder Signing SB 437 Into Law

Steven Transeth was invited to attend the signing of Senate Bill 437 into law by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on December 21, 2016Z

Our Philosophy

Steven A. Transeth

Steven A. Transeth - Founder and Principle Partner

One of the greatest technological achievements over the past two hundred years has been the system we have built to generate, transmit and deliver electricity to virtually every part of the planet. Our culture captures power from this energy to drive almost every element of our modern lives. An integral part of this success has been our ability to keep this energy reliable and affordable for all.

The decisions we make regarding our energy policies over the next several years are going to have tremendous implications for both the environment and our economy for decades to come. It is important that we have an open debate which includes a critical review of our present direction and a refocusing on the goals we want to achieve through the dramatic changes being proposed in the nature and scope of energy generation and use.

The answers to this challenge have yet to be found. We cannot let a sense of urgency cause us to make bad decisions. The answers are long term, defined by decades, not years. We need to do all of the following: Look to those resources which can bridge the present to the future and reduce our dependency on traditional fossil fuel generation; continue to develop renewable energy but in a fashion which is reasoned, affordable, and addresses their limitations; accept the fact that we have to deal with coal as a source of power for decades and find ways to minimize its harmful emissions; renew our efforts in the development of nuclear power generation; and provide the means for innovation and establish Michigan as a leader in the discovery of new and better ways to generate energy.

We need to challenge current thinking, to be proactive in establishing a regulatory environment which fosters and provides incentives for businesses, utilities, government and our educational institutions to work in partnership to achieve the goal of "clean" energy that continues to be reliable and affordable for both our residents and businesses.

Transeth and Associates, PLLC is dedicated to the development and implementation of the most responsive energy policy to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Recent News


Mr. Transeth was interviewed by the Citizens for Michigan's Energy Future regarding pending legislation on November 29, 2016.

Mr. Transeth was interviewed by a group of investors on a national webcast sponsored by UBS Securities on September 30, 2016.

Steven Transeth was interviewed by Frank Beckmann on the Frank Beckmann Show, WJR Detroit, on September 28, 2016

Steven Transeth was recently interviewed by Michael Patrick Shiels on the Michigan Big Show on September 20, 2016


Mr. Transeth spoke at the Michigan State University IPU conference on Regulatory Policy on August 19 about Regulatory Ethics. Download Presentation

Mr. Transeth recently spoke at the Michigan Energy Providers Conference on July 27 about Integrated Resource Planning.


Mr. Transeth has been elected to chair the Lansing Board of Water & Light's Citizens Advisory Committee, which will develop an Integrate Resource Plan for the municipal utility.

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